Briefnote Records


Album: ZUO
Label: Briefnote Records
Release: 2017-10-27

Toronto based producer Victor Tso returns with second EP to Briefnote as WISEFAKE. Still Depressed and Odds. One Bonus Track and Full Cover Arts are included in purchase package.

, the official surname of WISEFAKE, is based on the Clan-consciousness of Tso’s real life. From one of the oldest family tree in China, he’s the oldest of his generation of the family tree, make him have to take in charge of both his own career and learning to manage the family. Conflict, compromise and “All-to-none” Taoism from traditional asian clan-consciousness are the foundation of this work. The word (pic) on the front artwork is part of his official name seal.

Musically, is less fusion than his previous work . Sound in is basically the leftfield/experimental Techno fused with bass music, and has more ambient parts, especially the last two song, <義経 | Yoshitsune> and <蓮の影 | hasu no kage>. <義経 | Yoshitsune> is a reflection of deconstructionism, in the trance of reducing shells of formal bass music, similarly but differently, <蓮の影 | hasu no kage> is in the way of pure funeral music (not metal ones). Moreover, unlike , marks the further evolution of WISEFAKE’s landmark “playing with sound and space”. Using earphone or stereo equipment for this, producer’s advice.

No samples exist in this EP except drum machine, if it can be called “sample”. Eve