Briefnote Records


Album: Sakura Bento
Label: Briefnote Records
Release: 2017-06-02

Toronto based producer Victor Tso returns with debut EP to Briefnote as WISEFAKE. Depressed and Odds.

is a mixture of genres, like Tso’s previous works. Play it loud you will find the fusion of traditional asian music with abstract bass music and IDM sound. By WISEFAKE’s own words: “there’s should be no boundary for inspiration.” Stereo sound system/non-apple earphone needed on listening these tracks. As a synaesthesia producer, Tso is notable with creating an impression of space for sounds.

No samples exist in this EP except drum machine, if it can be called “sample”. Everything you hear is played by hands, with real instruments.

WISEFAKE is solo project of Victor Tso, LAFF awarded soundtrack producer and member of Chinese electronic pioneer Wanderlust ( formed in 2009. In 2016, second album of Wanderlust was released in China, which became a milestone of Chinese electronic music. Genres such as EDM, IDM, Synthpop, Dub, Traditional Asian Music, Classical Music, Jazz and Synth Punk were added in this album, alongside with more than 50 kinds of instruments. Album reached Top200 on Deezer Music.

In late 2016, Tso launched WISEFAKE as his main solo project. WISEFAKE was described as the project which based on dub, IDM and experimental techno. After self-released four dub techno EPs in 2016, WISEFAKE’s first release is pressed on Briefnote Records, the fresh electronic music label in Toronto in 2017.