Briefnote Records


Artist: Mønochef
Album: CHICHU 彳亍
Label: Briefnote Records
Release: 2017-05-26

CHICHU (彳亍) , which means walking slowly, is the debut EP by Mønochef on Briefnote Records. Mønochef got inspiration with a series of photos by his friends which one of them were used as in EP’s artwork. These photos, shot by Mønochef’s friend, seen by him in gallery, are collage artwork from one photo of one mountain, similar with Mønochef’s producing creativeness in electronic music.

Mønochef states, usually, traditional Asian music, such as music of Gu Qin, is in a kind of quiet mood, on the contrary, EDM is always with grooves. However, if you stand on the side of artistic conception, the music of Gu Qin is a kind mood that keep flowing, keep changing notes, mood and grooves, oppositely, EDM is one of the genres based on loop, which will be seen as a kind of steady sounds comparatively. As the combination, CHICHU, or walking slowly, is an appropriate description in word.

Yinyun, second song in release, which means smog flowing, contains melody of Xun, a traditional Asian instrument as Gu Qin, recorded by Mønochef only for this song to pushing out the minimal techno groove. Recording lots of melody but just use one, the “less is more” thoughtfulness is the fundamental of creativeness of Mønochef.

Mønochef is a music producer, sound designer and piano teacher in Toronto. Graduated from major of music production, producing minimal techno sound.