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Pre-order WISEFAKE’s new EP 怨念の手紙


Toronto based producer WISEFAKE returns with his forth EP <怨念の手紙> via Briefnote as WISEFAKE. Depressed and Odds.

Release Date: December 14, 2018.


Mønochef “Sound of Toronto” 360 Surround Sound Art Live Show


2018 September 27, 19:00 – 21:00, Invitation Only
2018 September 28, 20:00 – 22:00, Tickets Available


Re-encounter our city, Toronto, in this live music performance with an immersive 360° surround sound experience. Incorporating vivid sound elements from the city we live in, such as TTC and the lake of Ontario, as well as video captures of places where the sounds were sampled, this event brings multidisciplinary creative collaboration to life, intertwining art, music, and performance all in one.

Pre-order Mønochef’s Sound of Toronto


Pre-order Mønochef’s <Sound of Toronto>, to be released on Oct 1st 2018.

Mønochef is a Toronto based electronic musician, the way he describes himself is very much a metaphor for the way he creates music.

He blurs the boundaries of noise, sound and music, by sampling and matching different elements from daily life–TTC chimps, pedestrian buttons at traffic lights and chirps of birds upon the sky along with noises of subway trapped underground. Everything around him has its rhythm and he creates a way to make them joyous and vibrant works of art.

Behind his minimal techno style and progressively dense productions, what you can feel is not only the sound of Toronto, but also his, yours and everybody’s life in Toronto.